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Punch Card Table, 2005
Curly maple and walnut
The first computers were programmed with stacks of punch cards, notched in one corner and replete with small, usually rectangular holes.  The cards themselves are nostalgic and familiar to scientists and engineers from one generation ago.  The punched holes encoded a program that no one could guess just by looking at the card.  (In fact, punch cards were invented for use with mechanical looms and thus had their origin in the industrialization of artisan manufacture.)  By analogy, the deceptively thin-looking, punctured maple surface of this table top suggests a complicated linking of systems beneath it.  Here the mortises are filled by walnut through-tenons, some of which come down to form the table's legs, while others branch out and join in a complex circuitry.  As the program is revealed, the aesthetics of the surface are fulfilled in three dimensions.