Recent Work:
Aleph Table
Integrated Chest
Push to Make
Punch Card Table
Ms. Pacman Butcher Block
Harley Library Ladder
Shaker Booty Candlebox
No Flame Fire Blanket
Golden Donut
Gentle Machine

Push to Make, 2005
Wood and mixed media installation
An installation made for the show Art@Work that took place in a vacant office space in midtown Manhattan.  Each exhibiting artist was given one cubicle to use or transform according to the theme.  Sitting in the cubicle I couldn't help feeling 1) the grid lines of the partition walls were oppressive, yet 2) the cutaway in the formica-laminated particle-board desktop was so comfortingly snug.  I imagined the lines of the cubicle coming out and trying to absorb me into their regularity.   Trying to plug me in.  As a sculptor and a furniture-maker, the ability to shape my own surroundings is imperative to my art/work.   I replaced the built-in desktop with one of maple with inlaid walnut in a circuit-like branching pattern towards the sitting area.  The walnut branches also climb the partition walls of the cubicle, following the grid lines but also breaking out of them.  The cutaway in the table becomes a live process by the artist/worker with the tool (rasp) used to shape the wood.  The name of this piece references a type of circuit switch which is normally disconnected except when (a button is) pressed.