Recent Work:
Aleph Table
Integrated Chest
Push to Make
Punch Card Table
Ms. Pacman Butcher Block
Harley Library Ladder
Shaker Booty Candlebox
No Flame Fire Blanket
Golden Donut
Gentle Machine

Retrospectrum, 2005-2007
A collaboration with audio/video performance duo LoVid, this is a video art robot.  It has three cameras and two moving boxes (arms) which contain wireless transceivers.  By choosing which of three video inputs to use and then moving the transceiver boxes in response to the video stream, the robot introduces scrambling through analog interference and then projects this video output onto the wall of the space.   This piece is intended to be a robot artist, whose three cameras represent modes of work.  One camera faces the world (the gallery, its occupants and artworks); one is set on the robot itself (a mirror); and one is focused on the projected output, the art produced by the robot.  Using a complex set of criteria programmed into its brain-computer, the robot makes autonomous choices about its influences and then controls the modification of its input-experience into creation.  The viewer is able to watch the robot-artist's mind at work.   As it jumps from mode to mode, the motion of its transceiver arms changes rapidly from slow to fast, from large to small movement.